Bangkok River Tourism

Activities enjoyed Chao Praya Bangkok from I have often done, even for a few cases I’ve kind of tourist to dine on a boat by one of the hotels there. Usually I climbed a boat that used to be common to only pay 15 Baht one way for one person. This time I took the kids to visit Wat Arun in the city of Bangkok (at Ayuthaya was the capital of Thailand before work now), Thonburi right. Only means Buddhist temple Wat Arun and comes from the word Aruna (dawn?) Are in English known by the term temple dawn

If you go to the kingdom of Ayuthaya penginggalan put about 2 hours drive from Bangkok Wat Arun myself with the same shape of a pyramid with steep slopes with sharpened spikes step further. Good condition of the temple masuh either make travelers not hesitate to take the stairs, a little different than the complex Ayuthaya slightly damaged and even when I first visited 15 years ago there was no security fence climbing

Temperatures were a little wet at times disturbing, especially for us who are not familiar with the humidity makes us feel tired, even though the kids up and down the stairs and memgokang their iPhone to a number of engravings that they find interesting capture. Fortunately, the seller does not drink too much, so I waited there. Further articles on canoe trips outside Bangkok

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