Exploring Ica Peru by Boat

Most travelers headed on a trip to Peru are off to visit the marvelous Machu Picchu, however many Peru itineraries will provide you with a few extra days in the Lima area. If you find yourself in Lima check out this two-day itinerary to view the fascinating Nazca Lines.

Take a trip south of the busy capital to the department of Ica, where you will come upon the quaint town of Pisco. The city is full of history, however is used mostly for a jump off point for tours of the many sights in the Ica area. People from all over the world come to view Ica’s Nazca Lines and depart on their air tour from Pisco. The lines spread over 280 miles between the Nazca and Ingenio Rivers and represent geometric shapes, humans, and animals.

Take a flight tour over the Nazca Lines to truly experience the entirety of the hieroglyphs. Tours normally last an hour and provide great views of the famous hummingbird and monkey glyphs. The carved symbols were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a great thing to see on your Peru vacation. The precise lines feature curves and straight edges and are thought to have been created by removing surface stones allowing the lighter-colored soil underneath to be revealed. Admire the extensive and mysterious Nazca lines on your trip to Peru.

Though the Nazca Lines are fascinating, the Pisco area also provides a diverse array of wildlife which can be found at the Islas Ballestas. Tours to the islands depart in the mornings so stay the night in a Paracas hotel, where you can overlook the Paracas Bay; the sunsets over the bay are spectacular.

Day two of your trip will take you on a boat tour to the Islas Ballestas. The islands are home to sea lions, penguins, seals, and turtles, all of which can be viewed from the comfort of your boat. The ride also allows you to view the Candelabra which is a 165-foot long sketching in rock, in which experts believe to be connected to the Nazca lines. It has been speculated the sketching is the cactus representing power in the Chavin culture, while others believe it is to represent a Southern Cross Constellation.

After your excursion on the water enjoy a lunch before heading back to Lima. However if you find yourself with more time you can explore the other areas of Ica. Take a sand boarding or dune buggy ride in Huacachina or explore the capital, Ica city. The Nazca lines and Islas Ballestas are a great way to spend a few extra days around Lima during your Peru travel.

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