Top 10 Scary Boat Movies

As summer approaches, many people who are considering taking a cruise or rent a boat. Sure, it might sound relaxed and enjoyable. But there is always the possibility that things could go wrong at sea. The weather is unpredictable, the unknown depths of the waters of the harbor is a murderer, and international water is a lawless wasteland of crime and murder. Therefore it is advisable to inflatable rafts and bread in the safe confines of the pool unobscured, swimming pirate buying.

Here are the top 10 movie boat trip you on the floor …

Boat trip

Each post-Jerry Maguire movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr. is bound to suck, so you know we are already murky water section. In the course of the boat, Cuba, and his friend, Horatio Sanz, book a cruise to meet women, because women can not carry them out in the boat, as they usually do on land. However, things took deteriorate for romantics our expectations when vengeful travel agent books them on a gay cruise instead. Hilarity is supposed to happen, but it did not. Cuban pretend gay to woo a dance teacher with effective gaydar and Horatio are not smart enough to corner Horatio Hornblower that will surely get him laid by one of the few chicks on the board to play.


Getting stranded in Spain any clothing optional beach and is lined with tapas bars, sounds like heaven. Not so for the two American tourists stranded on a mysterious seaside town refuses to help them. That’s because the people worshiped a god called Dagon fish that is mutated in, I can not, the evil fish-human hybrids under the command of a mermaid-octopus creature strange. Look, it can happen, people. This is a realistic scenario and you should be ready. Always wrap fish feed for the fish-men to distract as they try to attack you, kill them with a spear. Or make sure you are equipped with a radio to call for help. And that is more practical.

Dead Calm

What is the most important rule of the road trip? Never carry passengers. Well, the same goes for passengers at sea. Apparently Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill is the rebel type because they let Billy Zane on their boat after he claimed that all his shipmates deceased to food poisoning. Bad move. Everyone knows Billy Zane looks like a serial killer freakin ‘, or at least, a raging douchebag. And it turns out that he was good in Dead Calm. Sam Neill takes the time to figure out, and before you know it, there is a cat and mouse struggle to survive on the high seas. Remember that if your supply of flares to cook marshmallows faster, you have no weapons to be used later have.

Deep Rising

Some people say that the killer giant squid is a myth. Greater depth to prove that they are not only real, they were able to get a cruiser state-of-the-art and cruel killing of each passenger on board to get, even hiding in the bathroom, as if he had X-ray vision in his arsenal badassery. That boat captain Treat Williams, star of The Substitute 2-4, meet when he was forced by a group of well-armed thieves in the sea to vessels of these valuables rob. But by the time they reached the ship, it was plundered by the stalker is the most efficient on the planet. Waldo even be able to be hungry, bloodthirsty tentacles to avoid. He finds people. And it kills them. Unless you’re a jet ski. Jet skiing is a popular getaway vehicle. Even in the country.

Ghost Ship

Thrill seekers who want to stay in a haunted ship can switch to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. But if you want to board a haunted ship in the middle of the ocean, where you can not easily escape and many weapons are present, to prepare for the problems. In Ghost Ship, Gabriel Byrne and his ragtag group of salvagers are not willing to say when they claimed ownership of an old abandoned cruise ship in the Baltic Sea. Of course, strange things start to happen and people eventually die a bloody death. That’s because the ship is a brutal massacre where forty years before, when the wicked cut metal wires running through the crowd of passengers dancing. Someone always had to bring down the party.


Sometimes it is better to go down with the ship. In Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat, survived the attack crowd ship in lifeboats and waiting to be rescued. Tensions grew as food almost empty class came to the fore and the litany of exploring existential dilemmas. Of course it’s annoying, but what do you expect from a whole movie about people on the boat – a song and dance number?


Endless buffet of food, drinking mai tais in the gym and attending formal dinners awkward sounds good … until the Rogue Wave hit the boat and hit on the head. Fortunately, Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken badass and even more badass Mr. Holland, aka Richard Dreyfuss, old and learned man who knows how to lead an escape from a watery grave. Since our room was flooded and Poseidon remains sink, two wise men together with several other victims to make their way to climb to the top of the vessel in a challenge that a lot mare dangerous than Wipeout obstacles. See that empty gym on the ship? You better use because you’ll need some serious stamina to the sinking of the ship to survive on its head.

Speed ​​2: Cruise Control

In Speed, terrorists held ransom by installing the bus bomb that will explode if the bus is less than 50 miles per hour. Plot Speed ​​2 is relatively the same, except much less interesting … because it was on a cruise ship. Unlike in Boat Trip, hilarity occurs. Instead of just jumping off the boat from the lower deck, the passengers were taken hostage and cruises focused on oil tanker. Sandra Bullock, the day to save, this time with his girlfriend, Keanu Reeves lookalike who, like Keanu in the first Speed ​​movie, is also a member of LAPD SWAT, except with a little more expression. For some reason the “terrorist boat” does not sound as threatening as a “terrorist planes”.


The mother of all disaster movies boat. We all know the story, so I will not go into details. All I can hope is that the sinking of the Titanic will teach you many things. First, if you’re a man, you always have to pack clothes a woman to disguise yourself in an emergency and “women and children first” protocol to avoid. Secondly, I hope you learn from Dead Calm, but do not believe Billy Zane. That guy is always bad news. Thirdly, if you are going to jump out of the back of the boat, make sure you do not jump in the direct path of the giant metal propeller (although men rammed a propeller BING sounds funny). Fourth, did anyone ever say that something is “unsinkable”, they ask to be proven wrong. Finally, to Kate Winslet hot, especially in the “it” scene, but not hot enough to sink. I know he’s an entitled rich girl and all, but you claim he made some space debris that was big enough for two people. At least he would have offered his natural flotation devices to keep Jack buoyant.

White Squall

The sea is the most unexpected places. Not only do you have to worry about rogue waves, sea passengers serial killer, and the killer giant squid, you also have to worry about freak storms like hurricanes white. In the movie White Squall, was summer school sailing trip led by Jeff Bridges overwhelmed by a sudden storm and violence that some students who do not develop the less developed gills like Kevin Costner in Waterworld slain do to survive. Moral of the story: the students are not willing to miss the lesson. Especially if there are no women on the board of directors to all that testosterone to compensate. It was a sausage fest is a disaster waiting to happen, even if no white storm.

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